2020 HAEG “Art in Pandemic” Online Exhibition

The Huon Art Exhibitions Group obtained a “Rapid Response Community Grant” from the Huon Valley Council to run an online art exhibition “Art in Pandemic” to encourage local artists to show the artworks they have created during the COVID-19 lockdown.

There is a $500 award for “Best in Show”, and a $200 “Runner up” which will be announced on 7th September 2020.

All entered artwork will be exhibited online on the HAEG website, and will be stored and displayed on rota in HAEG’s Lovett Gallery in Cygnet. All artworks are for sale, with payment online or at the Lovett Gallery Cygnet. 

Entries are now closed.

Once the online entry form is completed your artworks should be delivered to the Lovett Gallery Cygnet as soon as possible (during normal gallery opening hours) until Sunday 6th September 2020.

Huon Valley Council

This project is supported by the Huon Valley Council’s Stronger Together Grant Program.


Entries are now closed.

If you need to speak to someone about this exhibition, please ring Paul on 0419 839 157 or email info@haeg.org.au

Terms and Conditions

  • There is no fee to enter this exhibition.
  • There is one award for $500 for the “Best in Show”.
  • There is one award for $200 for the “Runner up”.
  • The submitted artworks must be the original work of the artist and created during the period of the COVID-19 “lockdown” in Tasmania – i.e. on or after 1st April 2020.
  • There is no theme or categories, but the title, medium and a short description is to be provided for each artwork.
  • Exhibition of all the artworks is to be online on the HAEG website and Facebook page, but the artworks themselves are to be delivered to the Lovett Gallery for storage, display and collection by purchasers.
    • Due to space restrictions in the Lovett Gallery the artworks will be displayed on rotation at the discretion of Committee.
  • Running period: The exhibition starts in early August 2020, and will run for 2 months.
  • Participation: The exhibition is open to all HAEG & CRAG members, and residents of the Huon/Channel area.
  • Sales: purchasers may purchase at the Lovett Gallery or contact HAEG by email to arrange a payment by bank transfer.
  • 20% commission applies to all sales.
  • There will be no opening event, and due to COVID-19 restrictions the Lovett Gallery can hold no more than 6 visitors at a time.
  • Entries: there is a maximum of two entries per artist.
    • There is an online entry form on the HAEG website, this is the only way to enter the exhibition.
    • The artist is to supply a digital photograph of each artwork entered. This can be uploaded within the online entry form or by sent separately by email after completing the online entry form. The digital photo should be a JPG file not larger that 1.5MB in size.
      Note that to get a decent quality photograph of an artwork framed behind glass, the artwork should be photographed before framing to avoid reflections and “shine” on the photograph.
    • If the artist cannot supply a digital photograph the artwork will be photographed by HAEG after it is delivered to the Lovett Gallery.
    • Work on display in the exhibition must be be for sale.
    • Entries will be accepted online from [23 July 2020] until [6 September 2020] and artwork may be delivered to the Lovett Gallery Cygnet during gallery opening hours from [Sat 25th July 2020] until [Sun 6th September 2020] and will be displayed online soon after the digital photograph of the artwork is made available to HAEG.
    • All works must be clearly labelled on the bottom right hand corner of the back, or the underside of the artwork with the artist name, contact details and title of the artwork.
    • Reproductions from originals will not be accepted.
    • All pieces must be dry and stable or will not be accepted.
    • 2D work may be suitably framed ready for hanging with picture hanging wire and screw eyes. If it cannot be hung it will probably not be displayed in the gallery and only be available for viewing in the storeroom or online by a potential buyer.
    • Entrants may provide a single A4 sheet “Artist Statement” which may include contact details and self-promotion. The sheet will be placed in a folder with all the others and will be available in the gallery for perusal by visitors during the exhibition.
    • The artwork can only be sold if it has already been physically delivered to the Lovett Gallery Cygnet.

Display by HAEG

All entries will be exhibited at the discretion of HAEG.

Entrants must agree to display their work for the duration of the exhibition and to publication or reproduction of their work for promotion.

HAEG and their associates will exercise all reasonable care in handling the works submitted but will not be responsible for loss of and or damage whatsoever to any works while in the custody of HAEG – artists are advised to insure valuable work.

 Judging, Awards and Sales

This is an open competition. Members and organisers of HAEG are also eligible to enter the competition.

The judges for the “Best in Show” award will be appointed by the HAEG committee and cannot have an entry in the exhibition which is to be considered for the award. The judges’ decisions will be final. No correspondence will be entered into.

Artists are responsible for making their own GST arrangements.
The “Best in Show” and “Runner up” Awards will be announced online on 7th September 2020.

Collection of unsold artworks

Unsold artworks can be collected from the gallery during normal gallery opening hours on the weekend subsequent to the exhibition completion (Saturday October 3rd and Sunday October 4th, 2020)


The volunteers who are supervising the exhibition are not in a position to address your concerns.

If you are dissatisfied with any aspect of the exhibition please write to HAEG (PO Box 353, Cygnet Tasmania 7112) or contact us by email at info@haeg.org.au. The organisation will respond to your complaint.