Anna Maria Place

Anna Maria PlaceAnna Maria has been painting for more than thirty years, and her professional career began 1975 in Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia.

Showing a natural gift for art, she followed her passion and is fully self-taught.

She began painting with water colors but later settled into her current medium, oils.
To describe Anna Maria’s talent in one word, extraordinary comes to mind.

After moving to the USA in 1991, the artist applied for and was granted her “Green Card” in August of 1995, where she lived until returning to Australia in 2006.

Early Bird Deep Bay

Exhibitions – Australia

The artist has had eighteen solo exhibitions during her professional career, in Australia. Some of these included many in Australia’s Northern Territory and also North West Australia. She was an invitational guest artist in Broome Shinju Matsuri Pearl Festival in 1968, and the 150th Celebration Guest Artist Exhibition for the city of Perth, Australia, in 1981.
The artist also exhibited twice in San Francisco Cal. (1980 &1990) via International Galleries, Australia, bringing the total number of solo exhibitions to 20 plus two more to follow as listed below. Artist owned her own gallery for 3 years in Bindoon, W.A. 1988-1991.


Whilst living in the US, she had two solo exhibitions, one in Cincinnati, Oh, and the other in Lake Chautauqua, NY. For 10 years she was doing mixed exhibitions on the art circuit.
She had many private commissions including the Rothschild Family of New York., including a 490’ long mural on a downtown building in Minneapolis. MN.


Anna Maria Place may be contacted on 0431 434 588, or