Geoffrey Swan

The Naked Artist

My passion for capturing the female nude began in the early 70’s through the medium of photography and working hard in the darkroom to manipulate the image.
Inspiration at the time came from the renowned photographer David Hamilton with his soft focus grainy portraits of women in the nude.

Jane Belly Dancer

Fast forward to the late 90’s and on realising my passion had not waned, I ventured into life drawing. Drawing and painting from the nude model is a wonderful pastime that has many challenges, not the least being a time constraint in order to capture the pose.
I enjoy the energy and tension that exists when painting the nude and the knowing there is a vicarious wonderment from the viewing audience about how the art piece came to be.

Jane from Behind

As my anatomical skills developed I have been allowed a certain freedom to express my work in colour, contour and form. Egon Shiele has been a source of inspiration in finding my style – not that I am anywhere near the skills of this great master!
I am self-taught, have experimented with oils, acrylics, pastel and water colour – though currently I am enjoying coloured inks due to their colour brilliance and fast drying that allows for washes of overlayed colour.
Tantri Sleeping
Jane in Boots

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Geoffrey Swan
The Naked Artist