Rosanne Bender

Rosanne Bender
I am a visionary contemporary artist, with a passion for the natural environment, the beauty of our earth and the feminine.

I am inspired by the beauty, the colours and the ever changing magnificence of our earth.

Nothofagus Gunnii-Tarn Shelf 2014
The native flowers of Tasmania inspire my current botanical artworks of the Tasmanian Waratah, Deciduous Beech and Christmas Bells.

My fine art involves combining photographic, painting, drawing and printmaking techniques with new digital techniques.

I’m currently creating unique hand coloured limited edition fine art prints.
Blandfordia - 2014
Flowering Gum Blossom - 2012
The outcome is a synthesis of traditions, which results in the transformation of all the media involved.

Flowering Gum - 2013
Qualified in the Visual Arts in painting, printmaking and photography, I have been teaching art, and working as an artist for over 35 years.

I create from my studio “Sanctuary Divine” near Glen Huon in the beautiful Huon Valley.

Rosanne Bender Online Business Card - 2014


Rosanne Bender is a Professional Artist and member of NAVA