Summer 2013-14

Summer 2013-14

The following is an extract from the HAEG Summer 2013-14 Newsletter.
For the full text with pictures, please read the PDF version.

Chairman’s Report

It has been another great year for the Huon Art Exhibitions Group.
We had a good turn out for our AGM in June, which helped us to gain some great new people on our committee. It helps to have fresh ideas and new skills on the team.

There are four new committee people. Kevin Kucks, Lois Alexander, Dianne Evans and Anna Maria Place.

Lois and Di have been coordinating to approach local businesses for sponsorship of Southern Exposure in March 2014 with great success. (see Page 4 for list of sponsors so far) Di has also been doing a great job as our new secretary, taking minutes of meetings and helping with correspondence.

Anna Maria has been sharing her experience as a professional artist and giving us all insight into selling your work in the USA. She had a solo exhibition at the Lovett Gallery in November and if you came along would have seen her great work.

Kevin Kucks has a long background in computer programming and has helped to launch our new website this year, If you haven’t had a look yet check it out as it’s a fabulous addition to HAEG. You can put your artwork up on the website and a link to your website if you have one. Also we can inform you all of upcoming events. Entry forms for our exhibitions and even this news letter will be on the website to read.

In late September/early

October, Bob Brown had an exhibition at the Lovett Gallery and achieved almost a sell out of his marvellous photos.

The new car park behind the Lovett Gallery is in use and all but officially opened. It’s so good. You can drive right up to the door of the Lovett Gallery now and park. It should be great for our gallery as the Summer months progress.

So things are looking good for the future of HAEG.

Time to start work on your next piece for Southern Exposure in March 2014. It will come up quicker than you think.

Wishing all our members a happy and healthy Festive Season and a good New Year.

Richard Stanley
HAEG Chairman

Southern Exposure 2012

Although many of us are thinking about Christmas, the HAEG Committee are working hard to prepare for our next major Award Art Exhibition Southern Exposure in March 2014. Highlighting the diverse talents of our southern artists, it will be held as usual at Cygnet Town Hall. There is much to be done, involving a lot of time, thought and effort – all voluntary. Seeking sponsors, judges, preparing posters and entry forms, organizing catering details are just a few of the areas requiring attention.

Committee Members have already made a good start on gaining sponsorship from local businesses but if you know of a business which may be interested in encouraging and promoting the arts (sponsors are invited to have their logo on entry forms/advertising material, plus display their advertising material during the exhibition itself), please contact one of the Committee Members listed on this page. The Exhibition averages 180 entries and attracts around 2,000 visitors over its two weeks duration.

So to the most important group (all the painters, potters, photographers, sculptors for without you there wouldn’t BE an exhibition) get busy on your own preparation. Students are encouraged to enter also. Let’s make Southern Exposure 2014 a great success story!