Anne Le Fevre

Anne Le Fevre

I am a self taught artist, or I guess I should say I was born with artistic ability, as I have been painting since I was a very small child.

View From Home - 1996
View From Home – 1996

Lichen on Rocks - 2001
Lichen on Rocks – 2001

My three sisters all have artistic ability as well, but neither of our parents were artistic, although my mother was artistic in our home.

While at school, I usually won any art competitions between our school & another school in the Northeast of Tasmania where I lived for 16 years.

I was quite a prolific painter when younger, but mostly gave my work away to any friend or relative that admired it! Several of my aunties have work of mine….usually a favourite scene of theirs.

At about fourteen years of age I completed a Commercial Art course by correspondence, because I lived in a remote area. This was invaluable to me, as it taught me perspective, but not a lot else, even though I usually find myself volunteering for any sign writing that needs to be done!

When I first married in 1968, I lived in a central part of St. Helens on the N.E. Coast, so I used my sunroom as a small gallery, and sold many small paintings of Tasmanian scenery to passing tourists…I lived opposite a motel.

Defender at Hobart Docks - 2005
Defender at Hobart Docks – 2005

Dhow sailing
Dhow sailing

Eastern Man - 2006
Eastern Man – 2006

I painted with oils a few times over the years, but not often. My work now is painted using acrylics, as I didn’t have the patience to wait for oils to dry!

I have won several art awards over the years, some of them being the Peoples Choice at the Hobart Show, and the Mayors Choice twice at Watermark exhibitions in the Cygnet Town Hall.

I am currently the treasurer of the Huon Art Exhibitions Group, which keeps me rather busy, and an exhibiting member of ASMA (Australian Society of Marine Artists).

When I’m not in the Lovett gallery, you will mostly find me in my garden at Eggs & Bacon Bay cottage, which opens to the public annually with Open Gardens Australia.

The Ketch "Irene"
The Ketch “Irene”

Wooden Boat Centre Franklin - 2009
Wooden Boat Centre Franklin – 2009

I find I have to be inspired to paint, as most artists probably do, and I’m not as prolific as I used to be.

I do make sure I do at least two for our annual exhibitions though, and I’m always open to any commissions that may come along.

Anne Le Fevre may be contacted on 0438 395 071, or