Jill Miller

Jill Miller
My medium of choice is watercolour, sometimes adding add a little ink, or I paint using pastels.

I love the challenge and often, the unpredictability of watercolour, sometimes being frustrated with the result but then liking it better on looking at it some weeks later.

Picking the blueberries

‘Picking the Blueberries’ – I was inspired by the heat of the day and the strong sunlight throwing the pickers faces into shadow.

San Gimignano
‘San Gimignano’ – I thoroughly enjoyed wandering off down all the fascinating little cobbled streets in Tuscany.

Wet Day
‘Wet Day’ – A particularly overcast day with low cloud over Port Cygnet

‘Kookaburras’ – I love the happy laughter of these birds, frequent visitors to our garden.

Hartz Mountains from Poverty Point

‘Hartz Mountains from Poverty Point’ – Out walking my dog one day, I rounded a bend in the track and was in awe at the brilliance of snow on the distant mountains.

I am unable to paint simply because I have the time – I need to be moved by something that has inspired me, such as a stormy sky or brilliant sunlight casting deep shadow.

Jill Miller Art – my online collection of watercolour, pen & ink, pet portraits and ink artworks.