HAEG membership benefits

Display and sell your works of art, and artist cards in the Lovett Gallery, Cygnet.

  • Up to three of your artworks may be on display at the Lovett Gallery
  • Any number of your artist cards may be on display at the Lovett Gallery
  • You receive a 50% discount on the entry fee for the “Huon Art Awards” art exhibition run every year by the HAEG.
  • You may display the artworks you have for sale in the Lovett Gallery on the HAEG Facebook page.
  • You may present a short profile of yourself and your artworks, along with a link to your own website the HAEG website’s “Members” area.
  • You may host your own art exhibition in the Lovett Gallery (HAEG curating committee approval required and fees apply – depending on display space requirements. The “long wall” in the gallery is 7.5m and the “short wall” is 4.5m)

Commission deducted from the sale of members artworks and cards contributes to the running of the Lovett Gallery and art exhibitions hosted by the HAEG.

If you contribute your time by sitting at the Lovett Gallery and HAEG art exhibitions, the rate of commission deducted from your sales is 20% of the sale price.

If you do not contribute your time for gallery and exhibition sittings, the rate of commission on your sales is 30% of the sale price.

Artists exhibiting in the Lovett Gallery may check their stock levels by sending an email to with your name, and a HAEG committee member will query the gallery stock spreadsheet and email you the result.

To join the Huon Art Exhibitions Group use this online membership form.