Francis Shepherd

Francis Shepherd

I have been making art since I could hold a pencil.

I love to draw and design – detail and complexity.

I am a sculptor and mosaic artist.

I sculpt in concrete, hebel and clay. Many of my sculptures are covered in mosaic.

My clay sculptures are abstract and detailed.

Butterfly seat 2

In my career, I taught mosaic workshops in schools around Queensland, produced public seating with community participation and worked on numerous mosaic commissions.

My latest art project is something I was destined to do.

One recurring theme in my designing has been Castles. I have built a couple of small Castles but always wanted to build a full sized one.

In 2010 my partner Christina and I started to build Castle Phoenix. Finally, my sculptures and mosaics are for my own project.

The gardens and walls around our Castle are all concrete sculptures.

Pictured are examples of hebel and clay sculptures, mosaics and sculptured seats.

Francis Shepherd may be contacted through his website.

Francis's work on Castle Phoenix can be viewed on Facebook under building Castle Phoenix.