Emma Coombes

Emma is a photographer and digital artist. She celebrates the beauty in our environment and the power of nature to unlock the fantasy within. 

Attuned to recognising the magic in our world and heightening our awareness of everyday miracles.

The Traveller

Her work throws light on the unseen, creating images that are evocative and moody. Sometimes dark, they are designed to enchant the viewer, casting a spell of stillness and thoughtfulness, a safe space far from the noise of modern life.


Her work combines her experience as a photographer and graphic designer to create nature photography, composite images and digital painting. She uses her interest in storytelling to create a narrative around her works.

Butterfly Forest
Eagle Moon
The Beauty we Tread
Sand Blaze

To learn more about the artist and her work you can visit Emma’s website at www.elmandtheraven.com or follow on Instagram @the_elm_and_the_raven