Christina Kent

Christina Kent

I have been working as an artist since I was in my teens.

I am inspired to work in many drawing and painting media. I also enjoy making mosaics.

I taught art in Mackay for fourteen years and through my classes started the Sea-Bea Art Group.

The Sea-Bea Art Group exhibited together twice yearly and I ran my own art gallery for three years.

In 2000 I completed the Certificate III in Art.

Oils were my first and favourite medium for many years. All my portrait commissions and Doug Moran Portrait Prize entries were oil.

I have done dozens of commissioned portraits in my career.
Most were painted in oil but later ones had acrylic as an underpainting with the detail still being done in oil. Pastels and charcoal are also very popular mediums for a commissioned piece.

Acrylics are a loved medium of mine after a tricky start. I had no idea how to use these fast drying paints as I had been using oil paints exclusively for years.

In the early stages, I knew nothing about stay-wet palettes so I lost a lot of paint until I said to myself “Well I’ll just have to paint faster won’t I!’ this resulted in very loose energetic works.

Pastel is a lovely medium. The pure pigment and the close alliance with hand and colour application is very satisfying to work with. The colour of the paper can have a dramatic effect if you let it.

Subjects I like to pastel are portraits, landscapes, buildings, flowers and animals.

The artwork here shows a range of media and subjects that I enjoy; watercolour, pastel, oil and acrylic.
Please have a look at my website for more detail about these paintings. Commissions are welcomed.

Christina Kent may be contacted through her website.