Huon Art Awards Entry Payment

Entries are now open for the 2021 Huon Art Awards.

General information about the Huon Art Awards may be found at this link.

Online Entries Close Monday 1st March at 5pm

COVID-19 Restrictions may apply to the operation of the 2021 Huon Art Awards.

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New and changed entry requirements for Huon Art Awards 2021

Please note that there are a few significant changes for the 2021 HAA. For full details, including the category definitions, please read the Terms and Conditions at this link. The following is a short summary.

  1. Size limits on all 2-dimensional artworks.
    • If you are entering only one artwork it may be up to 150cm on the longest side.
    • If you are entering two artworks they must both be no more than 100cm on the longest side.
  2. Changes to artwork categories.
    • The old “Oil/Acrylic” category has been split into two categories – “Oil” and “Acrylic“.
    • A new category “Printmaking and Drawing” has been added.