Thomas Bade


Thomas Bade – Scuba instructor, set builder, sculptor.

Originally from Germany and now based in Cygnet, Australia.

With a background in movie and TV set building, engineering, and interior design Tom has spent most of his working life bringing other people’s dreams and visions into reality.

Embarking on his personal artistic practice to create sculptures and shapes made from his favourite material – timber – he has started with the symbol of creation and good luck in many cultures.

Egg No: 1 Ironbark

A sphere is ruled by its precise dimensions and is unforgiving in its shape and form.

Based on 3 radii, the egg on the other hand is free spirited and unique.

Egg No: 1 (August 2015)

I become one with selected pieces of timber and develop a dialogue guided by the fallen tree rather than my ambition to force the tree into a preconceived shape.

Egg No: 4 (Feb-July 2016)

The tension arising out of this conflict is the driving force behind the creative process.

Guided by the touch and constant contact with the object I bring back to life what was destined to decay.

More examples of my work may be viewed on my website: