Huon Art Awards 2024

The Huon Art Award is over for another year.

The award winners are showcased below.

Opening night and exhibition pics are also below.

The 2024 Huon Art Award winners are …

2024 Huon Art Award

Jessica Coughlan – ‘Salmon Feast’

Sponsored by Community Bank Huon Valley

All of the exhibition and entry details can be found on the Huon Art Awards page here.

Huon Valley Council Acquisitive Award

Terry Gough – ‘Along the River at Judbury’

Sponsored by Huon Valley Council

Huon Valley Council

Homelands Acquisitive Award

Fred Moschberger – ‘Gum Tree Whisperers’

Sponsored by Homelands

Homelands logo

Richard Bacon Memorial Watercolour Award

Lynne Jenner – ‘Just Good Friends’

Sponsored by the Bacon Family


Watercolour Highly Commended

Pauline Rix – ‘Mystic City’

Sponsored by the Bacon Family


Watercolour Young Artist

Melody Zhang – ‘Hinsby Beach’

Sponsored by the Bacon Family


Oil Award

Richard Stanley – ‘Sleeping Beauty from Woodstock Revisited’

Sponsored by Ingledale


Oil Highly Commended

Pauline Johnson – ‘Please Let It Rain’

Sponsored by Artable

Oil Young Artist

Melody Zhang – ‘Pride’

Sponsored by Nic Street MLA

Acrylic Award

Stephanie Barnes – ‘Late Autumnal Mist at Molesworth’

Sponsored by HAEG

Acrylic Highly Commended

Vivienne Dick – ‘Just Chillin”

Sponsored by Allan n Pete
and Old Bank

Acrylic Young Artist

Rachael Miller – ‘Verdure in the Gardens’

Sponsored by Dean Harriss MLC

Printing and Drawing Award

Rachel Harris – ‘Swift Parrot in Flowering Gum’

Sponsored by George and Miller

Printing and Drawing Highly Commended

Aaron Gray – ‘Feathers in the Wind’

Sponsored by Fat Pig Farm

Printing and Drawing Young Artist

Freya Hook – ‘Yesterday’

Sponsored by Dean Harriss MLC

3D Award

Ian Clare – ‘Nest’

Sponsored by
Ian Clare Ceramics
and We Ponder

Bronwyn Clarke Memorial Award 3D Highly Commended

Ned Trewartha – ‘Bowties’

Sponsored by Clarke Family

3D Young Artist

Thomas Pile – ‘Driftwood Fish 1’

Sponsored by Richard Stanley

Photographic Award

Paul County – ‘Portrait #1’

Sponsored by HAEG

Photographic Highly Commended

Leila Middleton – ‘Wrapped’

Sponsored by Bob Brown Photography

Photographic Young Artist

Francisco Fisher – ‘Illusion’

Sponsored by The Lost Captain

Mixed Medium/Any Other Award

Nicola Oliver – ‘Beauty & Power – St Columba Waterfall’

Sponsored by HAEG

Mixed Medium/Any Other Highly Commended

Wendy Galloway – ‘Cirque’

Sponsored by Frank’s Cider and Three Twigs

Mixed Medium/Any Other Young Artist

Hailey Zhang – ‘The Beauty of Nature’

Sponsored by Jacky’s Cafe

Roy Leeman Memorial Award Young Artist 18 – 13 years

Amelie Moschberger – ‘That Boy’

Sponsored by Artery and Rosalie Woodruff

Roy Leeman Memorial Award Young Artist 12 years & under

Logan Chalker – ‘Emotions’

Sponsored by Artery
and David O’Bryne MHA

Best Animal work

Emily Wilson – ‘In Periculum’

Sponsored by First Dog Institute

Exhibition gallery

This years Huon Art Award of $2000 was sponsored by: