Phillip Frankcombe: An Exhibition

Light of the Spirit

Using images from nature, such as flowers or scenes, I combine them with stencilled symbols.
These symbols could be from many sources, e.g. William Morris, Hindu, Christian, Islamic or Celtic.
The main aim is to represent an invisible energy, that creative energy we could call Shakti, Holy Ghost, God or Goddess.

As Mother Nature is an obvious, evolved result of this creative force, She is represented in my paintings, often taken from my own photos. 

Dots are used regularly to show the motion of this energy.
Nature has its inherent beauty, colour, rhythm and design.
These qualities are all important to me, as they make a natural harmony, which hopefully these paintings convey.

Thank you – Phillip Frankcombe

The exhibition opens on FRIDAY 20th June 2014 at 6pm at the Lovett Galley Cygnet – behind the Cygnet Town Hall (14 Mary St Cygnet), and you are invited to come and share the nibbles and enjoy the music.

The exhibition continues until SUNDAY 13th July 2014

The Lovett Gallery is open 10am-4pm
Winter Saturday-Sunday

Prices of the paintings in this exhibition

Bloomin' Trio
“Bloomin’” Trio – $400

Flowers for the Divine Mother
“Flowers for the Divine Mother” – $350

First Light

“First Light” – $350

Morning Light
“Morning Light” – $150

Light of the Spirit
“Light of the Spirit” – $150

Eternal Flower

“Eternal Flower” – $350

“Plenty” – $350

Lotus Union

“Lotus Union” – $350

Heart Mother

“Heart Mother” – $350

View from Within
“View from Within” – $500