2021 HAEG Spring Portrait Exhibition

2018 HAEG Spring Portrait Exhibition - Winner - Nicholas Hopwood - "Josephine"

HAEG Spring Portrait Exhibition

Now open for viewing from Saturday 23rd October

at the Lovett Gallery Cygnet

The exhibition will run for four weekends from 23 October 2021 to 14 November 2021

Saturday-Sunday 23-24 October

Friday-Saturday-Sunday 29-30-31 October

Friday-Saturday-Sunday 5-6-7 November

Friday-Saturday-Sunday 12-13-14 November.

Awards Presentation

The awards were presented by Rosalie Woodruff (MHA for Franklin) at a small ceremony at the Lovett Gallery attended by most of the award winners. In addition to the advertised awards, the judges recommended two “Honourable Mention” awards be presented.

Congratulations to Caryl Plant, Rick Crossland, Heather Crisp, Ewen Welsh and Jeff Power.

The exhibition will be on display at the Lovett Gallery Cygnet every Friday-Saturday-Sunday until 14th November 2021.

Rosalie Woodruff and Alan Kemp
Rick Crossland, Ewen Welsh, Caryl Plant, Heather Crisp, Rosalie Woodruff

Award Winners

2021 HAEG Spring Portrait Exhibition Winner – Caryl Plant – ‘Tom’
Caryl Plant and Rosalie Woodruff
Second Prize: Rick Crossland: "Portrait study of Artist Steve"
Rosalie Woodruff and Rick Crossland
Highly Commended: Heather Crisp: "Delicious"
Rosalie Woodruff and Heather Crisp
Honourable Mention: Ewen Welsh: "Raewyn"
Rosalie Woodruff and Ewen Welsh
Honourable Mention: Jeff Power: "Self portrait"

A few more of the entries around the gallery...