Huon Art Awards 2018

Opening Night

Janet Carding (Director of TMAG) opened the 2018 Huon Art Awards on Friday night 2nd March at 6:30pm. The hall was bustling for the opening, with a record number of entries on the walls.

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The Winners

Huon Valley Community Bank Branches “Huon Art Award” ($2000)
Margaret Sonnemann: “Afternoon in the Orchard”

Huon Valley Council Acquisitive Award ($1000)
Susan Freund: “Dover”

Lions Club Student Overall Winner ($200)
Tais Hennekam: “Albino Wallaby”

Huon Valley Community Bank Branches Oil & Acrylic Award ($1000)
Robert Brown: “Coastal Moorland – Between Snug and Kettering”

Oil & Acrylic Award Highly Commended ($500)
Jack Braudis: “Still Life”

CWA Oil & Acrylic Award – Student ($100)
Ezra Hennekam: “Spring”

Noel Dopel 3D Award ($1000)
Nick Adams: “Thylacine bones-meat-skin”

Noel Dopel 3D Highly Commended ($500)
Margot Willmott: “Molly” and “Max” Wombats

Noel Dopel Student 3D Award ($100)
Ayla McIntyre: Pharoah

Photographic Award ($1000)
Sophie Reid: “Toward Elsewhere”

Bob Brown Photographic Award Highly Commended ($500)
Phillip Hirst: “Tinderbox and Night Sky”

Student Photography Award ($100)
Grace Mochon: “Birthday Girl”

Watercolour Award ($1000)
Peter Drinkwater : “Forest Mist”

Coast House Watercolour Award Highly Commended ($500)
Vivienne Dick: “Force of Nature”

Student Watercolour Award ($100)
Zoe Davidson: “In the Shallows”

Greg Guy Award for Mixed Media/Other ($1000)
Gabrielle Clarke: “Phyllis the friendliest whale”

Greg Guy Highly Commended Award for Mixed Media/Other ($500)
Mark Buckland: “Intersection”

Greg Guy Student Award for Mixed Media/Other ($100)
Tais Hennekam: Albino Wallaby

Southern Swan Peoples Choice Award ($1000)
Ben Clifford: EQ Deliniation

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