Winter 2013

Hello to all our HAEG members both new and old.

The cold has certainly settled in down here in Tassie now and I imagine many of you keeping warm by your fires and heaters.

I find this the best time of the year for being creative. You can get engrossed in your work by the fire with no interruptions and the time seems to fly by.

I must admit a nasty virus has hold on my family and myself at the moment, which means there is no productivity only a lot of pills and sleeping.

I have two large oil paintings waiting to be finished and I can’t wait to feel well enough to get at them.

I got to see the Monet’s Garden exhibition in Melbourne. Very well presented with huge photos of Monet’s studio and a 180 degree projection of how the garden looks now.And of course all those water lily paintings. (You can view a lot of it online. Just type it in Google.)

Exciting times are ahead for the Lovett Gallery as the new car park nears completion. This should help a lot more people to discover the Lovett as it’s the most prominent building you see when in the car park.

We will have more signs put up to capitalize on this.

So we look forward to the coming Spring and all the activity that comes with that.

In the mean time keep producing new works for both the Lovett Gallery and Southern Exposure as we all like to see what each of us has been working on.

Richard Stanley
HAEG Chairman

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