Huon Art Awards 2023

The 2023 Huon Art Awards is now over. See you next year!

The opening night on Friday 3rd March 2023 was a huge success, the hall was packed with enthusiastic artists, and art lovers of all ages.
The exhibition was opened by the Mayor of the Huon Valley Council – Sally Doyle – and ran through the presentation of 27 awards. The final award (Peoples Choice) was announced on Thursday 23 March 2023.

General information, terms and conditions, picture hanging requirements, and category descriptions may be found at this link.

And the winners for the 2023 Huon Art Awards are...

Port Cygnet Cannery 2023 Huon Art Award

Joanna Lawton: Dover Bay
Huon Valley Council

Huon Valley Council Acquisitive Award

Fred Moschberger: Second Chance

Homelands Acquisitive Award

Bronwyn Clarke: The Vision: Glorious Red

First Dog on the Moon Institute – Work featuring an animal


Cameron Bosveld: Tommy (Age 12)

Artery & Rosalie Woodruff MHA – Roy Leeman Memorial Overall Art Award Young Artist 13 to 18

Olivia Muir: Girl (Age 14)

Artery & HAEG Roy Leeman Memorial Overall Art Award Young Artist 12 and under

Ashton Borzak-Bell: Lost in the mirror (Age 9)

Bacon Family

Richard Bacon Memorial Watercolour Award

Pauline Rix: Forest Whispers

Bacon Family

Richard Bacon Memorial Watercolour Highly Commended Award

Terrence Gough: At Castle Forbes Bay

Artery & Julie Collins MP Watercolour Award Young Artist

Hailey Zhang: Hourglass. (Age 9)

The Property Culture Oil Award

Helen Quilty: Snow Gums of the Central Plateau, Tasmania

The Property Culture Oil Award Highly Commended

Denise Hallett: kunanyi/Mt Wellington from Regatta Ground

Artery & Dean Winter MHA Oil Award Young Artist

Zsofia Borzak-Bell: Caramel (Age 10)

HAEG & Huon Art Acrylic Award

Stephanie Barnes: Music By Candlelight

Huon Valley Commnunity Bank Branches Acrylic Award Highly Commended

Bishal Pandey: Galah

Artery & Nic Street MHA Acrylic Award Young Artist

Marnina Guo: Only Sunflowers Shine (Age 9)

George & Miller

The George & Miller Printmaking and Drawing Award

Rachel Harris: Musk lorikeet

Frank’s Cider Printmaking & Drawing Award Highly Commended

Leanne Devereaux: "A Quiet Little Nap"

Artery & David O’Byrne MHA Printmaking & Drawing Award Young Artist

George Chen: Woodpecker in his joy. (Age 7)

Ian Clare Ceramics & We Ponder Photographic Award

Felicity Rea: Gordon River reflections 1

Huon Valley Community Bank Branches Photographic Award Highly Commended

Bob Brown: Noon Blizzard, Central Plateau, 2022

Artery & CWA Cygnet Photographic Award Young Artist

Pippa Smyth: Glisten (Age 10)

Sarah Gunnersen-Dempsey

Sarah Gunnersen-Dempsey Mixed Medium/Any Other Award

Nicola Oliver: Wilbur

Fat Pig Farm Mixed Medium / Any Other Award Highly Commended

Barbara Tassell: Birdsong on Water's Edge

Artery & Rosalie Woodruff MHA Mixed Medium / Any Other Award Young Artist


Amelie Moschberger: Restrained. (Age 16)

Brown and Thomas

Brown & Thomas and Cygnet Old Bank 3D Award

Ian Clare: Sphere collection

Huon Valley Community Bank Branches 3D Award Highly Commended

Peter Rhodes: Telstar

Artery & Rosalie Woodruff MHA 3D Award Young Artist

Kathleen Bosveld: Columbia (Age 14)

Southern Swan People’s Choice Award

Rachel Harris: Wedge-tailed eagle
John Reed (Southern Swan), Rachel Harris (2023 People's Choice Award Winner), Anne Le Fevre (HAEG Treasurer and Life Member)

Thanks to our sponsors – there would be no Huon Art Awards without them.

Our sponsors

The Huon Art Awards can only take place with the valued sponsorship of local businesses and patrons.

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